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The Best Europe Fitness & Multi-sport Experience

Currently in our society, the sport of Fitness, for its millions of followers, not only means a sporting practice, but it also represents a passion for an active and healthy life.

“Fitness, health and lifestyle”.

Fitness Sports Games, which aim to reflect the values of Fitness, is an international amateur multi-sport event, accessible to all athletes and categories, where sport will be the only language that all participants will use as a means of communication.

Fitness Sports Games are organized by the World Fitness Union, with the support and experience of the IFBB (International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) and the collaboration of the tourist destination Santa Susanna, recognized as the Fitness World Capital .

The Fitness Sport Games represent a unique opportunity for all fitness and sport lovers to participate in an official IFBB competition and enjoy a famous setting such as Santa Susanna. It will offer the unique experience to enjoy fitness and sport as a professional athlete.

Join the best multi-sport experience in Europe from June 28 to July 4


We invite you and wait for you at the next Fitness Sport Games, be welcome!

Santa Susanna is a town located on the Mediterranean coast, which has been able to plan their territory and the development of tourism according to possibilities of its population. And this has been done in a sustainable way, with great respect for the environment, and developing a balanced economy. We have been able to take advantage of the available resources, the dynamism of its Town Council and the enthusiasm of a committed private sector, in order to be updated and turn Santa Susanna, on the Barcelona-Maresme Coast, into a well-known tourist town that can successfully host international sporting events, and be recognized as the world Capital City of Fitness.

Our modern tourist facilities and the infrastructures surrounding them, have turned Santa Susanna into a recognized tourist destination with the following awards: Beach destination with the family, Sports Tourism, smart tourism destination, as well as the international certification for sustainable tourism: the Biosphere Destination. In this framework, all participants of the Fitness Sports Games and companions will enjoy these destinations which is specialized in sun, beach, nature, cultural and sports tourism, with different products and quality services.  For all these reasons and on behalf of the Santa Susanna City Council, we make available to this body the WORLD UNION FITNESS,the reality and the facilities of this town, recognized as “The World Capital of Fitness, as well as its organizational skills, so that the Fitness Sport Games and all its participants, enjoy this unique sporting competition.


Welcome to the Fitness Sports Games, a new and unique sporting experience.

The Fitness Sports Games not only intend to be a sports competition, but also a world of experiences for all of its participants, combining the values of Fitness, a multisport competition, and the full potential of the magnificent tourist destination of Santa Susanna.

The Fitness Sports Games will have all of the experience, sporting expertise and human potential of the IFBB, equipped to develop a competition with the characteristics and rigor of a professional event, but open and inclusive to all lovers and followers of Fitness.

Santa Susana is a beautiful Mediterranean town of a high tourist level, with undoubted attractions for leisure and active life, and ready to face great challenges and host sporting and multicultural performances. That is why we believe it’s an ideal setting for an event as unique in Europe as the Fitness Sports Games.


A perfect combination

The participants of the Fitness Sport Games will enjoy not only practicing their sport, but also a world of experiences with their friends or families.

 The tourist destination of Santa Susanna offers an excellent climate, paradisiacal Mediterranean beaches, hotels of a recognized quality and a strategic location that facilitates visiting the globally-renowned city of Barcelona.


The best IFBB popular championship

The IFBB (International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation), the organizer responsible for the main international Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, invites all practitioners and lovers of Fitness to enjoy the Fitness Sport Games, a popular competition open to all categories and levels on par with profesional competitions, and counting with the advice and scoring of the best IFBB judges.

The tourist destination of Santa Susanna, recognized as the “Fitness World Capital” will provide stages and sports equipment equivalent to that used in championships such as the IFBB World Championships 2020 or the Arnold Classic Europe 2020.


Much more than just a sports competition

The Fitness Sport Games is a sporting event guided by the values of fitness that will lead to the development of a broad multisport amateur competition.

In addition to the Bodybuilding and fitness competition itself, you will be able to enjoy a multitude of sports disciplines and parallel events.

  • Street workout.
  • Street lifting.
  • Pole dance.
  • Cheerleader.
  • Urban Dance.
  • Cross Training.
  • World Chase Tag.
  • Cardio Box.
  • Water Sports.
  • Roller Skating.
  • Rugby 7.
  • Skate Boarding.
  • Tai Chi.
  • and more…


A place to meet and have fun

The geography and unique sustainable urban development of the tourist destination of Santa Susanna allows for strategic proximity between the location of the hotel area, sports facilities and the natural scenery where sports competitions will be held, creating the ideal location for the Fitness Sports Games Village.

The Fitness Sports Games Village will be based on the Olympic villages, acting as a meeting point and a place to foster relationships for all participants and sports lovers, where sports-related activities, such as exhibitions and conferences, will be combined with shows and gastronomic tastings with local products.


Competition, leisure and rest

The proximity of the accommodation area to the sports facilities, a radius of 2 kms, facilitates the quick access of athletes and fans to the competitions. This factor will improve the comfort and time spent by participants in the Fitness Sports Games, ensuring a successful balance of sport, leisure and tourism.

Únete a la mejor experiencia multi deporte en Europa del 28 Junio al 4 de Julio


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